High Fiber Breakfast (That Isn't Cereal!)

5 Surprisingly High Fiber Breakfasts

While breakfast cereal companies often tout their high-fiber products, the truth is that what's inside those boxes can often be even higher in sugar. That's no way to start your day.

Instead, we'd like to recommend a handful of easy, delicious, fill-you-up breakfasts that don't give you a day's worth of sugar, calories or fat before the clock strikes noon. Fiber is a particularly important component of breakfast because it is the compound that helps give you a feeling of satiety. And since eating breakfast and eating a diet high in fiber are both linked to maintaining a healthy weight, why not put them together?

Below are some of our favorite healthy fiber-filled breakfasts:


Chia Pudding
With four grams of fiber per tablespoon, chia seed (yes, as in ch-ch-ch-chia) delivers twice the fiber of bran flakes, writes Bob Arnot, M.D. in his book, The Aztec Diet. What's more, the grass seed has alpha-linolenic acid, the omega-3 fatty acid essential for brain health, along with calcium, magnesium, selenium and iron.

There are some very good chia pudding recipes out there, but this one from HuffPost partner Food52 might be our favorite.

Almond Butter Smoothie
Almond butter has 25 percent more fiber than peanut butter, so swapping almonds for peanuts is a good way to get a bit more fiber at the start of your day. Try this almond butter and banana number from Self, which boasts nine grams of fiber.


Avocado Toast
Creamy avocados are a surprising source of fiber, with 12 grams per medium fruit. Add the two or three grams of fiber from a piece of multigrain toast, and you've got a delicious and trendy breakfast.

Pumpkin Oatmeal
Sure, you already knew that heart-healthy oatmeal was high in fiber, but were you aware that canned pumpkin boasts an additional seven grams per cup? Try this pumpkin-based oatmeal recipe, which adds two extra grams of fiber per serving to the already fiber-rich oatmeal.


Breakfast Tacos
Eggs and tortillas sound like the stuff indulgent brunches are made of, but add some black beans and you've got a fiber-rich, protein packed start to your day, thanks to the beans, which contain 7.5 grams per quarter cup. This Mario Batali recipe is also as inexpensive as it is good for you.

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