High Heeled Crocs: The Latest Fad?

High Heeled Crocs: The Latest Fad?

I thought the original Crocs were bad, and hoped that the fad would pass. Unfortunately, they seem to be multiplying in not only availability and use, but also in style. Last year we saw the introduction of the fur-lined, waterproof version intended for use in winter, and now they've come up with Crocs for women who want a little height. That's right, high heeled Crocs.

I think most people who buy Crocs would agree that they don't buy them for their style, but rather, comfort. Most would even admit they're eye sores. So what's the point of the high heeled Croc? The rubbery foam shoes will never compare to a real, classy pair of heels, and I can't help but wonder how much more likely you are to twist an ankle in the rubbery heeled shoes.

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