High Heels And Your Sex Drive

High Heels And Your Sex Drive
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Better for your health, better for your sex life, and better to renew your pelvic pleasures. Hard to believe that we're talking about wearing high heels, but recent studies reverse the old negative publicity which blasted those staples of everyday women's existence...studies which blamed high heels as a cause of bad posture, stress fractures and other injury. Now they're just the cure for failing sex drives according to a recent study published in the journal, European Urology. And just the cure for admiring men as well as consumer women.

Opening the controversy is Dr.Maria Cerruto, a researcher and urologist at Italy's University of Verona. Cerruto, who expresses a great affection for such shoes, claims that high heels (also known as "stilettos" in Italy), tone the legs and strengthen the all- important pelvic muscles. Just wearing these shoes would, in effect, replace much of the need for the pelvic exercises necessary to keep the pelvic area musculature healthy.

She studied 66 women under the age of 50, and discovered that women who held up their feet at a 15 degree angle to the ground, the physical equivalent of a two inch, or moderate heel, showed up to 15 per cent less electrical activity in their pelvic muscles. This leads to the conclusion that these same muscles are more relaxed, when the woman is wearing the heels than not wearing the heels, increasing muscular strength and the ability to contract. Physiologically, the pelvic muscles are responsible for sexual performance and satisfaction. Less electrical activity means more relaxation, and more relaxation translates into better sex according to Dr. Cerruto. And better health.

Unspoken, but obviously related, is the fact that this unintended exercise and relaxation of the pelvic muscles is far more amenable to the boring, jarring and often hazardous pelvic exercises dished out as therapy to women getting over their pregnancy or surgery. If the exercise is suitable, then, the woman is more likely to exercise, just like anyone else. And if the regimen of merely wearing these suddenly medicinal fashion accessories leads to better health, women will not complain. And, of course, neither will admiring men.

Admiring men will continue to admire, with the logical extension that women desire admiring men and will wear the shoes more, hence exercising more. High heels are a broad and very ancient acceptable fetish in fashion and art. They seem to traverse all cultures and income levels, are depicted with great regularity in magazines, stocked widely in stores, and sell very well, regardless of the vogue otherwise.

Now they are seen as very healthy for exercise of the same sexual urges and practices which teased them into popular existence. Remember those high heels can cause foot, ankle, knee and back problems. They are not for everyone, especially those women with a history of ankle sprains, bad knees, bad hips and backs.

All in all, a very happy circumstance for men and women. Just what the doctor ordered, and not unpalatable medicine at that.

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