Why High Heels Are Actually The Worst Shoes Ever

Why High-Heels Are Actually The Worst Shoes Ever

The king of heels, Christian Louboutin, once said, "A shoe has so much more to offer than just to walk." Easy for him to say -- those suckers are actually pretty hard to deal with.

Behold, the reasons why wearing high heels is like being in high hell.

When you first put on that beautiful new pair of heels, you imagine your night being like this:

But if you're anything like us, you're really thinking this:

Then, even after only five minutes, your feet are starting to hurt.

You start relying on inanimate objects around you -- like the wall -- to keep your balance.

But, inevitably, you slip...

...and fall.

Sometimes people need to help you walk as you stumble.

Everyone around you is all like:

And you're like:

OK, so you've recovered from the fall. But now you have the whole rest of the night to deal with the unbearable pain it is to wear those heels.

You end up starting to walk all wonky to avoid the pain.

But it hurts!

They can literally ruin a fun night out with your friends.

And they can destroy wonderful synchronized dance numbers.

You go home and you literally throw your heels off. Don't you feel so relieved?

Until you wake up the next day and you can't even walk because your heels are so bruised and sore.

So next time you feel pressured to wear heels but you really just don't want to, choose comfort over style!

These celebrities should follow our advice...

Sofia Vergara

Celebrities Wearing Heels In Places They Shouldn't

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