12 Reasons High Heels Are Actually Worth It

12 Reasons High Heels Are Actually Worth It

Though we at HuffPost Style might be healthy living enthusiasts, we'd be lying if we said we didn't occasionally get seduced by the "beauty is pain" mantra. We wax. We wear Spanx. And perhaps most painful of all, we wear high heels.

Sorry, feet -- as much as we love flats, sometimes stilettos are the only shoes that will do. Remember, ladies, that anything is fine in moderation... including the worst shoes possible for your poor feet. Hey, if they're good enough for Bloomberg, they're good enough for us.

Let's state the obvious: Heels make you taller.

And a boost in height can lead to a boost in confidence.

Plus, it's easier to reach stuff on high shelves.

Heels lift and tighten your lower half.

They teach you to pay attention to how you walk.

They make even the smallest tasks seem more elegant.

With heels, you look more presentable.

They can dress up ANYTHING -- even sweatpants.


Some are even works of art.

They're downright magical.

And men will remember them -- ask Cinderella.

But let's be honest: Heels are just plain pretty.

Bring it on:

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