High Performing Teams

High Performing Teams

It's unusually simple:  High performing leadership teams have a deeper sense of responsibility and commitment than average teams. The deep sense of responsibility is to the long-term success of their relationships with each other.  The greater commitment is toward fulfilling a shared vision.

Commitment and responsibility are tied to the ability to direct attention and keep it focused.

Attention training is generally not talked about in management literature, nor within teams.  This brief post is designed to help clarify the connection between self-directed focus and team performance.

Busy customer environments distract and disrupt awareness.  Fractured attention leads to small, in-the-moment thinking.  The intermediate and long-term cost to leaders is heavy.  Without mastery of where we place attention our very human reaction is to protect ourselves. Consistent commitment to the team and to long-term vision then becomes spotty. A downward spiral into narrow territorial thinking begins. 

It really is that straight forward.