Students Give The Best Christmas Gift To Custodian Who Goes 'Above And Beyond'

“You guys are gonna make me cry."

Christmas came a few days early for one dedicated high school custodian in Michigan.

A group of around 10 kindhearted students at Garden City High School chipped in to buy Brian Junk a brand new pair of work boots to thank him for his hard work.

In heartwarming video that 18-year-old student Kenna Hermanson shared to Facebook on Thursday, one of her friends praises Junk for always going “above and beyond for us” as he hands over a gift.

“You guys are gonna make me cry,” responds Junk. He then can’t contain his delight on opening up their present. “Thank you. Man oh mighty, I need some really bad,” he adds of the boots.

Hermanson told HuffPost that the idea for the boots came about after a friend “saw him (Junk) after school and noticed his work shoes were pretty beat up.”

She only filmed the encounter to share Junk’s reaction with members of the group who couldn’t be there, and said it was “crazy” her footage had gone viral.

On her Facebook post, Hermanson described Junk as “one of the sweetest people I know” and thanked him for “always putting a smile on everyone’s faces during school.”

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