Quick-Thinking Teen Saves Elderly Woman From Oncoming Train In The Nick Of Time

An incredible act of bravery from this Illinois teen saved the life of an elderly woman.

Frankfort Community High School student Colton Essary was driving back to school after lunch recently, when he noticed something out of the ordinary. An elderly woman had fallen onto nearby train tracks and was screaming for help as an oncoming train approached, reported KFVS.

Essary threw his truck in park, jumped from the driver's seat and ran to reach the woman before the train did. He got there just in time.

"It wasn't really something you had time to think about," Essary told KFVS. "I had an obligation to help, and if I wouldn't have made it there in time, I couldn't really live with myself. Seeing that happen right in front of me and knowing I didn't do anything to help."

He spoke with the woman after the incident, who was grateful for his help. She has seven grandchildren, and is lucky to be returning to them with only a broken arm.

It not only pays to be in the right place at the right time, but also to have the instincts to make use of it.

Earlier this year, 50-year-old Eddie Palacios saved another Illinois woman from a different kind of train. When the off-duty Chicago TSA worker noticed a woman fall onto the tracks at the Chicago Avenue CTA Blue Line station, his instincts immediately kicked in.

Palacios jumped down next to her and waved his arms at the train conductor to stop. He was not only successful, but was also caught on camera by a DNAinfo Chicago reporter standing nearby on the platform.



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