High School Students Around The Country Are Walking Out Of Class For Ferguson

High School Students Around The Country Are Walking Out Of Class For Ferguson

On Monday afternoon, protesters around the country took to the streets to peacefully protest a grand jury's decision not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson for the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Among the demonstrators were a number of young students, who left class in the middle of the school day to show solidarity with the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

Monday's protests took place at 12:01 Central Time, the time the unarmed teen was killed on Aug. 9. According to the Ferguson National Response Network Tumblr, students from about 10 high schools confirmed that they would participate in the protest. Pictures on social media show that students from other schools also left class to protest.

Since it was announced last Monday that Wilson would not be indicted, people of all ages have demonstrated their opposition, arguing that the shooting and subsequent grand jury decision are representative of pervasive racism and inequality in the United States.

Below are pictures -- posted on social media accounts of schools, teachers and observers -- of students protesting around the country.

Brookline, Massachusetts

Minutes of silence at Brookline High #HandsUpWalkOut pic.twitter.com/DSrDsjmkTv

— Aarón Martel (@aaronmartel) December 1, 2014

#Brookline High students assembling #HandsUpWalkout pic.twitter.com/YNSL1bgyBj

— Aarón Martel (@aaronmartel) December 1, 2014

Manhattan, New York

St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Louis, Missouri

@FOX2now @ksdknews Parkway North High School school wide walkout and peaceful protest #Ferguson pic.twitter.com/y2RXHHPy29

— kendra ✌️ (@kendraabentley) December 1, 2014

Dorchester, Massachusetts

St. Louis, Missouri

Students at Clayton High School in Missouri walked out of class, and also participated in a "die-in," where they laid in silence for over four minutes -- to represent the more than four hours that Michael Brown's dead body laid in the Ferguson streets.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

k12 walkout 1

Oakland, California

ferguson walkout oakland

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