High School Sweethearts Reunite After 62 Years In This Adorable Video

More often than not, the person sitting next to you on the plane is nothing more than your armrest competition. But in the case of independent filmmaker Danielle Lurie, the man sitting next to her just happened to have the sweetest story.

It turns out her 81-year-old seat mate Jack was on a cross-country flight from Long Beach, California to Washington, D.C. to reunite with his high school sweetheart, Betty, also 81, "who I haven't seen in 62 and a half years," he says into Lurie's camera.

Five months ago, the pair -- both widowers -- reconnected through the Internet.

"We've been talking on the phone, we've been emailing," Jack tells Lurie, "and if it works, I might stay in Virginia and never go back to California!"

Lurie's impromptu film captures an anxious Jack chatting with the flight attendants, showing a picture of Betty on his cell phone and fiddling with his watch and glasses as the plane descends into Dulles airport. "Oh my God," he mutters to himself as the plane dips past the clouds and prepares to land.

Jack and Betty's reaction to seeing each other after six decades apart is priceless. Watch the video above to see for yourself.