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High Schools Ban Grinding, Freak Dancing

High school administrators around the country are attempting to ban grinding and suggestive "freak dancing," by using contracts and campaigns, and sometimes canceling school dances altogether, reports.

For example, Principal Jill Hudson of Nathan Hale High School in Seattle explained that students must sign "a dance contract geared toward eliminating 'lewd contact'" at March's semi-formal and, "at the dance, they'll get their wrist band cut off after one offense and will be asked to leave after a second."

Minnetonka High School in Minnesota took an entirely different approach: developing the "Dance Like Grandma's Watchin'" campaign to discourage any steamy moves on the dance floor. So how's that working out?

"There's definitely still grinding," says J.J. Schlangen, a senior at Minnetonka and president of the study body, "but it's more 'have fun' grinding, dancing, than like, 'What are those people doing over there?!'"