High-Tech Toilet Takes Urine Sample, Provides Health Report

TMI? The GP or General Practitioner Toilet, designed by Lucy Jung, does much more than flush away your waste. Upon request, the high-tech toilet gives you a full health report based on a urine sample it collects from the basin.

Described by, the GP is a "pathology-enabled toilet system that analyzes your urine and gives you a detailed diagnostic report on it."

The sample is collected by a small nozzle that retracts inside the system. According to, the nozzle also monitors urine level and flow, emerging once a health test is selected from the integrated screen.

The toilet is meant to eliminate the hassle and costs of doctor's office visits and laboratory testing, especially for those who must have such work-ups done frequently.

Though the idea that it eliminates the chance of you sprinkling on your hand while holding that dastardly cup is appealing, calls it a "gadget for hypochondriacs," and we can't say we completely disagree.