$25 Million Makes Jim Parsons The Highest-Paid TV Actor In Hollywood ... Again

He still doesn’t come close to TV’s highest-paid actress.

It doesn’t take a science whiz to deduce that the cast of CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory” rakes in more dough than the GDP of some small countries, but the real question is who among them is this year’s highest-paid TV actor. 

According to Forbes’ annual list, the overpaid honor goes to ... drumroll, please ... Jim Parsons! Yes, Sheldon is set to live long and prosper thanks to the $25.5 million he earned between June 2015 and June 2016. This makes the second year in a row that he has secured the top spot, raking in $29 million during the year prior. 

Parsons’ cast members filled out the rest of the list with runner-up Johnny Galecki making $24 million over the same period, Simon Helberg coming in third with $22.5 million and, lastly, Kunal Nayyar earning a reported $22 million. 

Last week, Forbes announced their annual list of the highest-paid actresses in television. Kaley Cuoco came close to beating out the “Big Bang” boys with $24.5 million in the bank, but it’s Sofia Vergara who came out on top. The “Modern Family” actress reportedly earned a jaw-dropping $43 million in the last year, more than any TV actor made.

In other news, we ate dollar-slice pizza for dinner the third time this week. 



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