The Highest Rated Professors In The Country

Have you heard of Penny Livermore? If you haven't, you should know she's the best professor in the country, according to reviews from

Livermore, who teaches at Loyola University Chicago, achieved the top spot in a ranking released by RateMyProfessors on Tuesday. Devon Hanahan, a Spanish instructor at the College of Charleston, came in as runner up, with the University of California-San Diego's Kenneth Anderson in third.

RateMyProfessors released the ranking in conjunction with their list of schools where faculty earn the highest marks on their website, which hosts student reviews of college instructors. The website is run by mtvU.

The best professors list was based student ratings of the instructors of clarity and helpfulness on a 1-to-5 scale.

The 2013 Rankings Include:

The Highest Rated Professors In The Country: