The Only Time Of Day Kids Think Parents Will Put Down Their Cell Phones


Despite studies that prove unplugging and spending time without your cell phone is beneficial for a number of reasons, parents know it is easier said than done. Unfortunately, children are noticing.

According to Hightlight's annual "State of the Kid" survey, kids are feeling brushed aside by cell phones more than any other distraction. After polling 1,521 boys and girls between the ages of 6 to 12, the researchers found that 62 percent of kids feel like their parents are distracted or focused on other things when they're trying to talk to them. The main culprit? Cell phones.

But, there was a time of day when kids reported feeling that they could talk to their parents about important things: meal time. While previous research has touted the benefits of a family dinner, Highlights found that 33 percent of kids could trust that their busy parents would put down their cell phones and truly communicate with them around the table -- real "face time," if you will.

"[I know they're listening] when they stop doing other things and look at me," a 7-year-old boy from the poll told Highlights.

See the rest of the "State of the Kid" findings below, that also includes info about school stressors and attitudes about extracurricular activities.


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