High-Stakes Assessment the Right Way!

In the last two days, Nacho and I have ...

* Ridden a commuter train and a subway
* Worked through an unusual and persistent dog distraction
* Maneuvered through Grand Central Station
* Walked forty blocks through Manhattan past dog-walkers, nannies with strollers, and street vendors
* Practiced clearance of two posts that my right shoulder was ready to kiss
* Met with the CEO of Guiding Eyes and the development team to exchange ideas
* Strolled through grocery store aisles
* Missed a few up-curbs
* Taken an escalator and an elevator
* Made some silly mistakes
* Stopped at Starbucks after Nacho automatically turned to the door
* Counseled a young person going through a serious crisis (me, not him!)
* Play-growled nearly continuously when holding a Kong football and keeping it away from the other dogs during group play (him, not me!)
* Encountered a full sidewalk block when we faced a tree-removal truck and navigated onto the street and around that truck in spite of the enormous noise
* Fixed a crooked street crossing
* Targeted a specific chair where I want him to automatically take me
* Walked calmly through a street-corner concert


Guess what? We will graduate, and we did not even take a standardized test, but boy-oh-boy do I know what he knows and is able to do.