Highway Patrol Trooper Forgives Driver Whose Car Slung Him Like A Doll

Utah Sgt. Cade Brenchley, recovering from broken bones, said he holds "no ill will" toward the woman.

A Utah state trooper who stopped on a snowy highway to help a disabled motorist was struck from behind by an out-of-control car and flung through the air like a rag doll.

Highway Patrol Sgt. Cade Brenchley, who sustained broken ribs and a broken scapula in Sunday’s collision, appeared at a news conference on Tuesday, and said he forgives the driver whose skidding car launched him several car-lengths through the air and into the side of the disabled vehicle. The crash was captured on his police car dashcam video, above.

The driver is a college-age woman who was in “hysterics” after the crash, Brenchley said, and brought him flowers in the hospital.

She’s not to be vilified,” said Brenchley, a father of four whose right arm was in a sling at the news conference. “She did make a mistake and I think she’s learned from it. She won’t make that mistake again, I’m fairly certain.”

He added: “I hold no ill will toward her. And if anybody should be upset, it should be me or my family. But, we’re not.”

The dramatic dashcam video went viral on the internet. Brenchley’s wife, Lisa Brenchley, said she watched it once ― and that was enough.

“Even knowing he’s OK, I don’t like watching him fly through the air like that. It’s intense,” she said, per Fox 13.