Hiking Mount Rainier: Woman Climbs The Mountain In A Ball Gown, Amazingness Ensues (PHOTO)

Plenty of people go hiking on Mount Rainier in Washington state every year, but how many do so dressed up in a ball gown? At least one woman took on that challenge last year and posted the photos of her experience on Reddit over the weekend.

Reddit user gesasage88 recounted her adventure hiking the mountain in a "full corseted ball gown" with her husband and their friends in Sepetember 2012. (Note: The outfit also included wings and a crown!) Even though we're going to assume that a princess dress isn't the most practical or comfortable trekking outfit, we think the photos prove that this lady -- and her handmade gown -- are pretty damn awesome.

She also had some wise words for those criticizing her ball-gown hiking or looking for a hidden agenda in the experience: "Life isn't always about proving things, sometimes it is just about enjoyment," she wrote. "I had nothing to prove going up the mountain, I had no goal to obtain. In the end we all had a great time!"

Thanks, gesasage88. Remembering to enjoy the lighter side of life -- whether or not that includes a ball gown -- is a lesson we could all stand to learn.



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