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Hiking Performance Underwear: The Right Choice for Your Active Lifestyle

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Not all underwear is created equal, and this can especially be said for hiking performance underwear. Depending on where you live, and how often you actually hike, the right underwear for you probably will not be the right underwear for your hiking partner. The consensus on hiking underwear, however, is that longer leg lengths with insulating fabric blends are ideal -- warmth and support are key.

In this post, we highlight six different pairs of hiking underwear: the most full-coverage look is the Cocksox CXA93N Long Leg Boxers. The brand Wood also has longer legs, and the Freedom Reigns Pump Sport Trunk has a narrow leg cut, additional leg room, but less moisture wicking support.

The N2N Campfire Thermal Brief stands out, in that it is the only other look that does not have longer legs -- it has more of a brief cut.

Take a hike with any of these brands, and let us know which ones you prefer over the others.

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