Hilaria Baldwin To Her Critics: ‘Every Body Is Different, Every Pregnancy Is Different'

"So please: stop with the negativity about me just having a baby."

Hilaria Baldwin shares snippets of her life as a yoga guru and a mom on social media. Recently, she posted a photo of her postpartum body after the birth of her third child.

Baldwin posted the mirror selfie taken in the hospital bathroom last week, explaining that it has been a tradition of sorts to showcase her changing body since the birth of her second child, Rafael, and now with her third, Leonardo, born earlier this month.

The 32-year-old has chosen to change the focus of her daily Instagram posts to getting back in shape.

Baldwin was met with some criticism from those who apparently don’t think she should be working out so soon after giving birth. But she pushed back at those trying to influence her decisions.

In March, Baldwin shared a sexy selfie of her dressed in lingerie as a message of empowerment.

I posted belly photos every two weeks when I was pregnant with Rafa,” she wrote. “I didn’t have the guts to do it the first time around with Carmen. The purpose? To show that we don’t need to be ashamed or hide the pregnant figure.”

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