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24 Hilarious And Sweet Kid Notes To Santa

Kids say the darndest things, Christmas edition.

It’s that time again for kids to mail some important notes and Christmas wish lists to the jolly man at the North Pole. Some ask for things that would be very difficult for Santa to bring ― sea rays, anyone? ― and some swear that they’ve been good kids this year (or, like, 80% of the time).

We asked the HuffPost Parents community to send in their kids’ funny, quirky, and adorable letters to Santa. Check them out, and add a photo of yours to the comments below.

This kid would like some "bones that are not from bodies"
Nichole Chartier Schmidt
My 3-year-old dictated and I wrote, but when I signed her name she was upset, so I taped her signature on.
This kid wants a gravity machine
Erin Watt Miller
My 6-year-old asked Santa for a gravity machine. She explained that it is a giant force field and when you step in it, you can float all over. I may need to call NASA?
This girl, who has admittedly been "80% good" during the year
Karissa Heyden
My absolute favorite note is from 2014, when my daughter was 7. It opens with "I have been 80% good." Santa really appreciated her honesty.
This guy wants some people to have more wit
Carol Akasaka
A list from my 9-year-old. To clarify, the wit is for people with bad ideas, and he wants others lives to be better. He said his is great!
These two, who know their fate
Dru Bleem
This girl who's not sure whether she's on the good or bad list
Kirsten Elliott
She was 5. Good question.
This girl wants a TV for Christmas
Heather Young Carvell
My daughter wasn't the best at letter spacing. I swore it said "Christ ass."
This kid, who's ready to cut a deal with mom
Heriberto Aissa Barrera
My son's letter (LOL) after telling them a price limit of $30 and under.
This one who's generous with the eggnnog
Laura Zanone
7-year-old left this next to the cookies and small glass of eggnog.
This 3-year-old who would like "some diamonds"
Laura Moore
My 3-year-old wants diamonds and chicken!
This kid who'd like an invisibility suit and a sea ray, among other things
Denise Overton
This kid, who loves Target as much as the rest of us
Grace Bradley
My 4-year-old boy decided that walking Santa through the Target toy catalog was more efficient than writing a list.
This kid just wants some blueberries and broccoli
Erynne Smith
It's my handwriting, but written exactly as my almost-3-year-old dictated it to me. She doesn't even like broccoli!
This boy who made sure to get all of his family's wishes in there
Gemma Elizabeth Zarifeh
My six-year-old's letter he wrote yesterday!
This kid, who wants a $1,000 dollar bill
Emily DeCarlo
Easy requests from my 7-year-old son.
This 6-year-old with high fashion aspirations
Clarissa Laskey
My 6-year-old daughter requested a Louis Vuitton.
This kid would like some glitter
Kaitlyn Baker
This girl, who appreciates time spent with family over gifts
Shelia Armstrong Acors
From my granddaughter, 7-year-old Elise -- the first page of her letter to Santa.
This kid who wants a big present
Sophie Palmer
My 3-year-old dictating to Poppy! Haha
This kid who has two important things on his list
Jayne Murphy
My son has very simple tastes
This one is honing his comedic work with Santa
Kathy Lehr Sheerer
Our 8-year-old wanted to tell Santa some jokes that he wrote himself. He said, "They're probably not that funny, but Santa will like them anyway."
This girl wrote a letter from Santa, saying he wasn't real
Jessica Layton
Not a letter "to" Santa. but one "from" him. My daughter, Alice, crushing the magic of Christmas for her first grade class... one student at a time.
This guy wants some "homework for entertainment"
Kathryn Kwiatkowski
If only you could see this second grader of mine whine and complain about doing homework on school nights. Yet, he's already concerned about a two week break without it. And apparently secure in the knowledge that Santa will bring all the toys and gadgets he's asked for without having formally written to ask for them. Because look out (me) if he only gets homework!!!
And this kid who'd like "everything I see on TV"
J Carlson
"I want a Hatchling, Flip a zoos, and everything I see on TV."