Hilarious: Army Veteran Debunks Conservative "Sharia Law" Claims

Hilarious: Army Veteran Debunks Conservative "Sharia Law" Claims
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In case you hadn't heard, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins has joined the chorus of conservatives claiming that my hometown, Dearborn, Michigan, is under "Sharia Law." Since this is absolutely ridiculous it deserves a ridiculous response.

That's why my friend Adam Joliff (an Army veteran) and I decided to go around showing all the conspiracy theorists the evidence (or lack thereof) of Sharia Law in Dearborn. We stopped by Catholic schools, veterans memorials, bars, strip clubs, and yes - even a Honeybaked Ham store. Warning: photographs contain bacon.

You might ask yourself, "Brian, why'd you stop at 7 photos for your slideshow?" Because, dear reader, after 30 minutes my friend and I decided to stop by Buffalo Wild Wings and drink beer. It was Friday. Contrary to the whacky Republicans out there, none of the Sharia police were around to beat us up for it. Because, you know - they don't exist.

So please, enjoy the photographs. And for the last time: Dearborn is not under Islamic "Sharia Law." Muslims are really wonderful people. They're honest, kind, great neighbors, tolerant, multicultural, and if you can't find any other reason to like them - they do wonders for property value. Having a bunch of Muslims move in is the next best thing to a gayborhood.

And with that, there is nothing more to say.

Ham? HAM!

Veteran Debunks Dearborn, Mich. 'Sharia Law' Claims

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