Hilarious Breastfeeding Song Imagines A World Where 'Daddies Made Milk'

"Refrigerators and comfortable benches for pumping would line the streets."

One mom has creatively turned the tables on breastfeeding by imagining a world where men nurse ― and it’s pretty different.

At a recent performance, Shayna Ferm from “The Pump and Dump” comedy show played her song, “If Daddies Made Milk.” In her lyrics, Ferm suggests that “nursing would be an Olympic sport” and nipple cream would be paid for by the government. And according to her song (which echoes Gloria Steinem’s essay “If Men Could Menstruate”), nursing dads would never have to search for a spot to store their milk or breastfeed. Why? Because of the countless refrigerators and comfortable benches lining the street.

If only.

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