Hilarious Instagram Account Imagines Barbie As A Millennial Mom


An Instagram account with thousands of followers is imagining a Barbie as a chic and cool modern mom, perfectly edited photos and all.

Tiff the Barbie has 31,000 Instagram followers keeping track of her day-to-day life with her husband Ken (duh) and her kids. Tiff’s profile is filled with photos you’d expect to see on a millennial mom’s account, such as snapshots of her stylish kids, a glimpse at her pregnancy announcement and a look at her “Baby is the size of a...” updates.

The creator behind Tiff, who asked to remain anonymous, is not a parent, but would love to have a family like the one the Instagram account depicts in the future.

“I get my inspiration from other families or from experiences I’ve had before,” the creator said.

The creator owns all the Barbies and accessories seen on the Instagram account, and most of the photos featured are edited in some way. The creative mind behind the account told HuffPost “it’s so so so crazy” that it has now racked up thousands of followers.

“Honestly I’m getting a little nervous. I feel like I need to post amazing pictures now because people will get disappointed in me.”

Don’t worry, though. There are plenty more #momlife posts in the works.

See more pics of Tiff the Barbie below.