Hilarious Parody Confirms Every Fear About The Menstrual Cycle

Beware of the blood-hungry alligators.

“That time of the month.” “When Auntie Flow comes to visit.” “Shark week.” 

Women's periods can be so scary -- but don't worry, a new video is here to clear up some of those frightening stereotypes about menstrual cycles. 

Created by College Humor, the hilarious parody called "Periods Aren't That Gross" attempts to dispel the many myths behind periods by sardonically making fun of them. 

As the women in the video explain, there's really nothing too frightening about periods. Except, as one woman points out, those blood-hungry alligators: “The only threat to a woman’s health during their period is that all the blood in the toilet will attract snakes and alligators that live in the sewers up the pipes.” 

Also, if you ever wondered how a period anatomically works over the course of the month, just ask the demon living inside of our bellies. As one woman puts it: “The demon lives on blood so we drain ourselves of it monthly so it can’t get too powerful and plunge the world into a terrible hells cape of our own making." Duh. 

Watch the full video above to debunk a few more stereotypes about "that time of the month."

Oh, and if you were ever wondering what comes out of those cute little tampons we carry around: 

See? Harmless.

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