Hilarious Personalized Mom T-Shirts

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My kids and I have this thing that we do.

They hand me trash, dirty dishes, or some other unwanted item. I look back at them and tell them to read my t-shirt.

“What does it say?” I’ll ask.

And they’ll sheepishly grin and say, “Mommy’s not a garbage can.

Of course, I’m not actually wearing a shirt that says that. But I should. And if I rotated it with a second shirt that said, “I don’t run a restaurant” and paired them each with a comfy pair of yoga pants, I’d have a complete wardrobe.

This made me think - what other slogans would moms put on t-shirts? So I asked our blogging team, and here’s what everyone came up with:

What would you put on your personalized mom t-shirt?

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