15 Hilarious Road Signs That Will Make You Giggle (PHOTOS)

Go Home, Street Sign. You're Drunk.

Road trips have their ups and downs, and long stretches of highways between destinations can be mind-numbing.

Sometimes, however, while driving you come across a hilarious road sign that provides you with laughs, a funny photograph and the positive attitude you need to carry on.

Check out some of the world's funniest road signs below:

Only in Australia... (sound it out)

Accident prone...? Right?

Just a heads up.

Tofu lovers, beware!

Go home, sign. You're drunk.

Not a pilgrim? Carry on.

Hey, it means "slow down" in Danish.

A once in a lifetime experience...

Watch out for missing road chunks.

Thanks for being so specific...

Righto, old chap.

The road to anywhere...

Red Bull gives street signs wings.

In case you were wondering...

I'm blue...

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