Hilarious Science Fiction Audition Reel Shows One Guy Tackle Every Sci-Fi Cliché Ever (VIDEO)

Jacob Fleisher is not an actor, but he could have fooled us.

Whatever big-budget science fiction feature Hollywood comes up with next, Jacob, a screenwriter living in Los Angeles, could probably handle the leading role. In the reel above, he does a slew of characters representing just about every sci-fi movie and TV cliché that ever was.

You know, like the one with the robot who tries to understand human emotion. Or the one where every city in America is destroyed and needs to be listed aloud. Or the one where human-like aliens populate the earth and attempt to blend in. Or the one where a virus turns everyone on earth (except one man) into flesh-eating monsters.

You know, that one.

No matter what the situation, Jacob appears to have it covered. Watch the video above!

Via Blastr

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