Hilarious Sketch Nails What It's Like When People Question Your Latino Identity

"But, you're white..."

Daniel Weingarten is Latino but he's faced plenty of pushback on his identity because of his appearance. 

The part Mexican, part Argentine comedian uploaded a video on April 17 inspired by his experiences as a white Latino living in the United States. On Tuesday, Weingarten told The Huffington Post the hilarious sketch, "When Someone Doesn't Understand That White Latino's Exist," was a combination of the different types of awkward questions he's gotten when people question his Latino identity.

"The video was based on several real-life experiences," the Los Angeles based comedian said. "Ultimately, it was a reflection of growing up here in the States, identifying as being Hispanic, but consistently being questioned about it whenever I brought it up. This, of course, is rooted in certain people's inability to make a distinction between race and ethnicity."

Being Latino, as the comedian points out, is part of a person's ethnic not racial background. That means Latinos can be a variety of races, including white. 

"What compelled me to make the video was wanting to bring attention to this misconception [that]... all Latinos come in one shade. And rather, that it is a cultural melting pot made up of several races. " Weingarten told HuffPost.

Check out his skit in the video above. 



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