Hilarious Video Captures How Pregnancy REALLY Makes Women Feel

"Being pregnant has never made me feel more like a man."

A comedy group is highlighting one unexpected side effect of pregnancy in a funny new video.

In “MaterniDbag” from Hot Shit Machine, pregnant actresses Maribeth Monroe, Kate Mines and Katie Nahnsen show how being pregnant can make a woman feel “like a man.”

“I was about six months pregnant when I commented to a friend that the only way I felt comfortable standing anymore was if I puffed my chest and belly out like ‘proud man,’” Monroe told HuffPost. “She thought that was really funny, so I started thinking about all the other very ‘dude-like’ behaviors I had adopted lately ― ravenous eating, blatant farting in public, not giving an F ... ”

The three women were all pregnant with their first children while filming the video, and all but one have since given birth. As of press time, “MaterniDbag” has been viewed more than 22,000 times on Facebook.

Monroe hopes the video resonates with her fellow parents and makes them laugh.

“I think we tend to take pregnancy and mothering so seriously,” she said. “I wanted to make something that celebrated the ridiculous parts of pregnancy.”