Hilarious Video Shows That Portuguese And Spanish Aren't As Similar As People Think

"I understand what you're saying but, like, I don't know how you say it."

How different can Spanish and Portuguese really be? A group of innocent Spanish-speaking souls found out the fun way.

In a video published by Flama on Tuesday, Spanish speakers took on some particularly difficult Portuguese words. Their complete and utter failure at both pronouncing and understanding the words given to them is further proof that these two languages aren't as similar as people think.  

"I thought I could read it [but] nope, apparently not," one woman from Medellín, Colombia, admitted at the end of the video about her ability to pronounce the Portuguese words on paper. 

Sure, they're both Roman languages but the Portuguese language can be quite difficult for native Spanish speakers to master due its nasal sounds and spelling.

"You just decorated your letters," says one woman about the Portuguese word coração which means heart. While another man says Portuguese pronunciation feels like "you have a hot potato in your mouth."  

Watch just how similar and different these two languages are in the video below. 



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