Hilarious Video Shows Why Teaching Your Kids To 'Ask Nicely' Is Futile

"All you have to do is ask nicely!"

Many parents try hard to teach their children the value of sharing their toys and asking nicely when they want to play with someone else's stuff. But as the latest installment in "Conversations With My 2-Year-Old" shows, this parenting goal can be difficult to achieve.

In this new video, dad Matthew Clarke introduces a new 2-year-old -- his Shepherd (portrayed by grown man Michael P. Northey) -- to join his now-5-year-old daughter Coco (portrayed by grown man David Milchard). The toddler has some things to figure out when it comes to "asking nicely," and his dad's lesson doesn't quite register.

If this episode is any indication, we're in for another hilarious parenting journey with little Shepherd.

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