Hilariously Devious Kids Trick Dad Into Letting Them Dress Up For School

They said it was a "non-uniform" day, and they really went for it.

Never underestimate kids and their ability to pull pranks.

Geraint Goodridge learned this the hard way when his sons, 6-year-old Harrison and 5-year-old Reuben, convinced him July 8 was “Fancy Dress Day” at their school in Wales. Not wanting to ruin the fun, Goodridge allowed Harrison to dress up as a Transformer and Reuben as Woody from “Toy Story” only to arrive at their school and realize his boys had pulled off a hilarious trick.

Goodridge told The Huffington Post his sons said the day was a non-uniform day at their school in Wales because of a party in honor of the Queen’s birthday. According to Wales Online, the kids wore their costumes all day.

The devious duo made headlines for their prank and posed for a picture with a newspaper featuring a story about them, which Goodridge later tweeted.

When asked whether he had any pranks planned to even the score with his sons, Goodridge simply laughed.

“No, they’d probably have one better so I think I better just call it a day on that,” he said.

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