How To Fail A Test: Students Give Hilariously Incorrect Answers (PHOTOS)

This Is How To Fail A Test

There are plenty of ways students approach an exam for which they're completely unprepared: faking sick, inventing a "family emergency" or perhaps begging for more time.

But some students turn the common conundrum into an opportunity to flex their creative muscles and, hopefully, tickle their teachers' funny bones with hilariously incorrect answers to test questions.


And even though these students didn't know the material, some of their answers actually make sense.

"Briefly explain what hard water is," one test question reads.

"Ice," the student answers, ignoring the question's intent to reference water with high mineral content.

Another witty, though sadly incorrect answer came in response to the question "Where was the American Declaration of Independence signed."

"At the bottom," the student replied.


Not only can students' answers be off the mark, test questions themselves can sometimes be confusing or downright strange, something which has started to turn some educators against high-stakes standardized tests.

Recently, a bizarre word problem about a talking pineapple surfaced on a New York state exam, befuddling students and commentators alike.

The New York Daily News even sent the question to "Jeopardy!" mastermind Ken Jennings, who couldn't provide an answer.

"Is this a joke? The story makes no sense whatsoever," Jennings told the paper. "The narrative has no internal logic, the “moral” is unclear, and the plot details seems so oddly chosen that the story seems to have been written during a peyote trip ... A ninja and toothpaste? What does that even mean?"


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