15 Hilariously Random Kids' Birthday Cakes

From Alton Brown-themed to "Hulk Princess" to an edible trash can.

Kids can make some pretty creative, bizarre and random demands when it comes to birthday party themes. Well, the same applies to birthday cakes.

We scoured the viral archives and asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community for their kids’ unusual birthday cakes. And the results did not disappoint.

From Alton Brown-themed to “Hulk Princess,” here are 15 hilariously random and totally creative birthday cakes for kids.

Trash Can Cake
Sahra O'Doherty
"I made a wheelie bin cake for my sons 4th" -- Sahra O'Doherty
Fantasy Factory Beer
Stacey Durnbaugh Palmer
"My daughter just turned 4 and was insistent that her birthday cake feature a photo from the label of Fantasy Factory beer, complete with a pistol-wielding cat riding a fire-breathing unicorn in front of a rainbow. Normal 4-year-old stuff. We removed the gun from the photo and substituted in a birthday banner just so the parents of all her friends wouldn't get too judgy." -- Stacey Durnbaugh Palmer
Alton Brown Cake
Jessica Lucille
"My tiny human said 'Alton' before he said 'mama.' So of course this cake was necessary. Still not happy with the writing or the sperm shaped balloons, but the picture of Alton is pretty fantastic." -- Jessica Lucille
Matt Damon in "The Martian" Cake

Matt Damon made it after all

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“She loves [The Martian]. I love it. I thought it was great, but I don’t love it the way she loves it. She asked me if Matt Damon can come to [her birthday party]. I think she has a crush.” -- Pink on her daughter Willow
"The Chase" Cake
Megan O'Connell
"Our 2-year-old is obsessed with 'The Chase UK' -- a quiz show that was on every day at 3 p.m. For his birthday he insisted on a 'Chaser cake'..."
-- Megan O'Connell
"Cookie Monster Riding A Pink Mini Donkey" Cake
Becca Chesnut
"I told my 3-year-old niece I'd bake her a birthday cake and asked what she wanted. She thought long and hard and finally decided on Cookie Monster riding a pink mini donkey. So I got to work." -- Becca Chesnut
Ballerina Dalek Cake
Sadie Irene
"My daughter wanted a ballerina Dalek cake for her fifth birthday. As I was unable to find a ready-made cake topper to fill such a request, I grabbed some tulle and got to work. My daughter was thrilled and named this particular ballerina Dalek Fifi." -- Sadie Irene
Dora Spiderman Cake
Maria Kristin Haraldsdottir
"What kind of cake do you want?"
"Dora Spiderman."
"Uuuuhh ok" -- Maria Kristina Heraldsdottir
Nyan Cat Cake
Aimee Flinn Nechanicky
"Our 7-year-old asked for a Nyan Cat cake -- she saw it made on a YouTube video. The bakery I asked to make the cake thought it was quite comical." -- Aimee Flinn Nechanicky
Hulk Princess Cake
Lainie Elton/Imgur
"My 4-year old twin girls wanted a Hulk Princess cake for their birthday. So I made one!" -- Lainie Elton
Joe Biden Cake
Sara Honchar
"For my nephew Mason's second birthday when asked what he wanted on his cake, he responded with 'Joe Biden.' Cant say no to that." -- Sara Honchar
Roof Seal Cake
Jade Saegenschnitter
"We have a company here in Australia called Roof Seal. This is their mascot, and my daughter was so in love with him she wanted him on her fourth birthday cake. I did my best haha." -- Jade Saegenschnitter
Bruno Mars Cake
Alyson Prevost
"I have twin girls. One wanted a superhero girl cake. The other -- she wanted Bruno Mars on her cake." -- Alyson Prevost
Chewbacca Princess Cake
Jamie Hevlin/Imgur
“Sophie was elated when the cake arrived. She said, ‘Oooh! Chewbacca is so pretty, Mom!’ Then she promptly asked me to hand her a fork.” -- Jamie Hevlin on her daughter's third birthday party.
Horse With Doona Cake
Kay Jay
"My son requested a horse with a doona cake for his second birthday. Um OK, still have no idea where that request came from." -- Kay Jay