Hilary Duff Bought A Gun And Spencer Pratt Is Into It

Back away slowly, Hilary.

Lizzie McGuire's got a gun. 

Hilary Duff purchased a pistol at a Culver City gun store over the weekend. According to TMZ, the "Younger" actress left the shop with a Glock case and ammo in hand. 

The news outlet confirmed that Duff received a handgun safety certificate before she picked up her new accessory. Safety first, Hilary!

Here's where the story gets even weirder. 

Spencer Pratt, husband to Heidi Montag and former "Hills" star, tweeted his support for Duff on Monday:

Pratt is a major gun enthusiast in his own right and opened his home to a TV documentary to show of his impressive (scary) collection in 2013. 

We can only wonder how he would have reacted if Duff had purchased some crystals

Has there ever been a reality TV show villain as crazy or diabolical as Spencer Pratt?

@HeidiMontag -- how you doing, girl?


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