Hilary Duff Reveals Weird Déjà Vu Moment Involving Jennifer Coolidge And Salmon

When Duff was asked about working with Coolidge in “A Cinderella Story,” things took an odd turn.

Thanks to her award-winning performance in “The White Lotus,” oodles of celebrities are chiming in with their favorite Jennifer Coolidge moments from working with the longtime comedic actor.

And although most of the stories are delightful, Hilary Duff may have just won an award of her own for the weirdest anecdote yet.

The “How I Met Your Father” star, who co-starred with Coolidge in the 2004 movie “A Cinderella Story,” was asked about Coolidge by a fan on “Watch What Happens Live” last week and... well, we’ll just let Duff take it from here.

“My favorite moment was her rubbing salmon on her face while filming ‘A Cinderella Story,’ and talking about the omegas,” Duff said, referring to a scene in the movie that involves the fish.

“My son actually started eating sushi when he was 3 and had a similar moment, and I looked and was like, ‘You’re just rubbing raw salmon on your face,’” she recalled. “And it was soft and he liked it and it reminded me of her.”

“I’m sure you were like, ‘This is happening to me twice in my life?’” Cohen joked. Duff exclaimed: “Yeah!”

Duff then went on to sincerely praise her former co-star — and there was nothing fishy about it.

“She’s always been a lovely human being but I’m really proud to see her moment,” Duff said. “I think it just reminds me that being in this industry, I feel so lucky that anything can happen at any stage.”

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