Hilary Swank Engaged To Boyfriend Ruben Torres

The former tennis pro popped the question during a hike.

Love is in the air for Hilary Swank and her boyfriend, Ruben Torres. 

The "Million Dollar Baby" star and the former tennis pro are officially engaged. The actress made the announcement on Twitter and Instagram, with her rep confirming the news to People. According to her Instagram photo, Torres popped the question during a hike. 

"Went on a hike and this happened! I am so happy to share with you all, the engagement to my dear Ruben. #Engaged," the Academy Award winner captioned the adorable pic. 

According to People, the couple has been romantically linked since last July, and they made their red carpet debut at DuJour Magazine’s 2015 Art Basel Miami Beach Kick-Off Party last December. 

The marriage will be Swank's second -- she was previously married to Chad Lowe for 10 years. 

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