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Hillary and Barack: What Are They Really Up Against?

Obama was born with the North Node near his sun and the South Node in the solar seventh house which mean he, like Hillary, has a heavy load.
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We've all seen the negative ads on TV and watched the two of them go at each other Who's-Afraid-Of-Virginia-Woolf style. We've heard about the racial and misogynistic subtexts, but neither Reverend Wright nor an all out media bias can come close to the private battles being waged by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack H. Obama.

One of the things I love about astrology is its ability to provide a truly consciousness-expanding picture of the global scene unfolding before us. It gives us a sense of the exciting and challenging process in which we are all, every one of us, being asked to participate. In addition, however, in the case of this Democratic campaign, a planetary view can penetrate deep beneath the surface of people's actions to reveal the interior struggles of both these would-be Leaders Of the Western World.

We are all inexorably attracted to and drawn toward the very things we're repelled by-and vice versa. Horoscopes can describe the choices we often make in relationships, and the people whom Destiny or the Universe keeps throwing in our path. "Here you go," chuckles Fate. "This is what you've got to deal with in this life, so deal with it and shut up." In this case It's six people in two beds in the old dominance and submission theme.

First, Hillary:

The astrology: She has Mars, Saturn Pluto in Leo in her solar tenth house.

The Meaning: She is inevitably drawn into battle, a love/hate affair is more like it, with a supremely narcissistic man. (Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are both Leos.)

Hillary was a child of the 40s and 50s, a time when girls were taught to take Home Ec and typing in high school, and just find a man. Period. She has always loathed that sort of stupid conditioning, and has fought, kicked, screamed and scratched to disprove that she is doomed to such stereotypical female submissiveness. She has struggled to be free to assert her dominance over self-centered men who, she feels, attempt to keep her from realizing her potential, embarrass her, put her down as a cruel reminder that she has no place playing in the Big Leagues with the Big boys.

One look at Bill Clinton's behavior during this campaign is enough to show anybody that Obama is not the only one undermining her race for the White House. She is still involved with two narcissistic guys who are damned and determined to keep their place among the rest of the guys.

Good Heavens, it's a threesome.

Now Obama.

The astrology; He was born with the North Node near his sun and the South Node in the solar seventh house.

The Meaning: He's got a heavy load as well. It's not always evident but he has a great insecurity and abandonment anxiety on the part of women. Not only does he suffer from an overinflated sense of responsibility (the "good child" syndrome"), but that South Node gives him a couple of other big traits as well.

1) He has a grandiose belief in his power to cure all ills. He thinks it's his job to keep people happy (probably starting with his mother) at all costs and to prohibit them from being depressed hopeless or self-destructive. He thinks he's supposed to heal problems that existed before he arrived on the scene. Fearing abandonment or rejection, he takes on impossible tasks, only to be crushed when he realizes that his people-pleasing actually loses him his real and true power.

2)He has an irresistible attraction to women who engage him in a wrestling match for dominance, kindling not only his competitiveness, but his fear of losing control to (and paradoxically winning control from ) a woman, and being rejected. His true path is to maintain his masculinity and resist surrendering to his desire to submit to a controlling woman in fear of being abandoned, but the whole dance is way to tempting to walk away from. And so it is with Barack, Hillary and Michelle Obama.

Well whaddaya know? Another threesome.

When you think about it, though, aren't they're all acting out the war between dominance and submission played out between all men and women these days?