Hillary And Melania Are Not Responsible For Sins Commited By Their Husbands


Bringing in accusers of Bill Clinton to undermine Hillary frankly represents a new low. So now Hillary will be judged not on her credentials but on what her philanderer husband did during their long marriage. This type of thinking where you try to deflect the focus from your own misogyny and try to belittle your opponent by pointing towards the misogyny of her spouse, seems to be the tactic of Trump and his surrogates. According to this logic, Hillary is not only responsible for her own actions but also for her husband's actions, who is not even running.

This guy is not repentant or even sorry. In fact what he is trying to do is to justify his behavior by pointing towards Bill Clinton. This is an irony that a sexist guy is trying to justify his lewd behavior by blaming a woman due to her husband's sexist behavior in the past.

We think as a society we have become more "enlightened". Yes, in some ways it is true. We are no longer openly racist, anti gay ( though until recently we were), and sexist. Yes, as we have "evolved" we have developed a culture, where we don't at least say filthy things openly -though according to Mr. Trump this is "political correctness".

However, perhaps somethings about us have not changed. At a visceral level, we are still the same. Vices like racism and sexism are still there but have morphed into something subtle and perhaps even more dangerous form.

We still think that a woman is responsible for her own rape. We still think that she is somehow responsible for her husband's actions. We still think that somehow or the other black on black violence is the same as a Police officer killing a black. We forget that the former is an outcome of poverty and the latter an outcome of institutionalized racism. We create false equivalences to deflect and in doing so we end up actually justifying gross misdeeds.

For me, trying to equate a black killing a black ( where the real cause is poverty) to a white cop shooting an unarmed black guy, is subtle racism. And yes, trying to blame a woman for her husband's actions is downright sexist and filthy.

However, does it really matter to Trump supporters? Most of them are justifying Trump's sins by pointing towards Bill Clinton's sins. Now I fully acknowledge their right to vote for Trump and oppose Hillary. We all make political choices in life. But please do not blame her for her husband's actions. She stood by her husband and one can disagree for that. One can say that she should have "walked out" of marriage. But then Melania Trump has stood by Mr. Trump even after that tape. Do GOP supporters hold her to the same standard?

Both Hillary and Melania are strong women, who have made their choices. It is wrong to blame them for their husbands' actions. I respect them for making their choices.

Get over this mindset. These are false equivalences aimed at justifying what cannot be justified...