Hillary Becomes the Moby Dick to Rudy's Ahab in NH

The following piece was produced by the Huffington Post's OffTheBus.

How he flashed at me!--his eyes like powder-pans! Is he mad? Anyway there's something on his mind, as sure as there must be something on a deck when it cracks. -Moby Dick

Herman Melville's epic novel Moby Dick is a story centered on an obsessed whaling boat captain who wants to kill the white whale that took his leg.

It appears that Rudy Giuliani has discovered his Moby Dick, the character in the campaign narrative he is obsessed with hunting down.

While stumping in northern New Hampshire, Giuliani made it a point to criticize Hillary Clinton at every event.

The trip began with a stop at the diner Northern Exposure, which features a menu showing a moose exposing himself.

In response to a question on allowing illegal immigrants to have driving licenses, Giuliani took direct aim at the New York Senator.

"Hillary was against it and for it and then partially for it and partially against it, all in the same answer within a minute."

While answering the question, the diner's phone rang and Giuliani said, "maybe she's calling right now to change her position."

"Her positions change more frequently than anybody I've ever seen in politics. I remember, last time, John Kerry used to be accused of being a flip-flopper. She makes him look like an amateur. I mean he does look like an amateur, when compared to Hillary." Giuliani said.

He added, "I don't know what she's thinking trying to be all things to all people."

At his next event in Dixville Notch, Giuliani criticized Clinton's healthcare proposal saying, "socialized medicine would be a shame."

Rudy expanded his criticism to include all of the Democratic presidential candidates. He told the crowd of 50 people that the nation should remain "on offense against the socialistic ideas that the Democrats are purposing."

During the question-and-answer part of the Shelburne town hall meeting, Giuliani was again asked about the driving license issue.

Giuliani, openly mocking Clinton's response, told the crowd "raise your hands and tell me what you think."

"Oh, gee, I can't figure out what to think. Don't pick on me by asking me that question. That's a gotcha' question."

"If you think a question about driver's licenses is a tough question, a gotcha' question, you're not ready for Ahmadinejad," Giuliani said.

The Republican presidential candidate ended his visit to New Hampshire's North Country with a stop at the Dairy Bar.

There Giuliani was greeted by 15 supporters and again was asked about Hillary's stance on driving licenses for illegal immigrants.

"I've never seen that before. I've seen her take different positions in front of different groups. But I've never seen her take two different positions before the same audience," he responded.

Returning to his theme of experience, Giuliani said, "If you can't answer a question on driving licenses, what the heck you're doing running for president."

Rudy should beware of the consequences of focusing so much attention Hillary Clinton.

At the end of Melville's novel, Captain Ahab was dragged into the ocean depths by his archenemy.