Hillary Clinton Added to National Register of Historic Places

WASHINGTON DC (NewS Satire)--Hillary Clinton, a fixture in Washington DC since her 1974 work on the Watergate Committee, has been added to the National Register of Historic Places, it was announced today.

"This is indeed an honor, not only to me, but to my restorers," Clinton beamed.

Secretary Clinton, a 1947 English Tudor, has undergone modest renovations in recent years, adding a touch of Mid-Century modern to her basic A-frame giving her a classic contemporary look.

"With this designation, donors to Clinton are eligible to receive both a campaign contribution deduction and a Historic Tax Credit," explained National Register chairman Bert Firestone. "Corporations can avoid taxes while helping preserve our nation's crumbling infrastructure."

After the last primaries in early June, Firestone says that Mrs. Clinton will be temporarily encased in scaffolding to prepare for her official unveiling at the Democratic National Convention.

For his part, Clinton's rival Bernie Sanders was designated a National Historic Landmark and will soon be fitted with an informational plaque.