Hillary Clinton Victorious In Alabama Democratic Primary

The Democratic front-runner claims another Southern state.

Hillary Clinton won the Alabama primary handily on Tuesday, picking up yet another trove of delegates in her quest for the Democratic nomination.

Polls ahead of Super Tuesday showed Clinton with a sizable lead over her opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Alabama awards its 60 Democratic delegates proportionally.

In 2008, Barack Obama beat Clinton in Alabama, claiming 56 percent of the vote to her 41.6 percent.

This time around, Clinton assembled a significant leadership team in Alabama composed of powerful Democratic from around the state.

The former secretary of state campaigned on her experience in the Obama administration, arguing that the president has not gotten enough credit for progress made since he took office. She appeared at the historically black Miles College, near Birmingham, over the weekend, where she discussed the need to reform the criminal justice system and raise the minimum wage. Former President Bill Clinton also appeared in the state to advocate on his wife's behalf.

Voting took place in 13 states and one U.S. territory, American Samoa, on Tuesday. Alabama, Arkansas and Texas moved their primaries to Super Tuesday this year, joining Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia to give the South a significant early voice in the primaries.

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