Hillary Clinton and the Female Hormones

Stop Blaming the Hormones

Breaking news: Hillary Clinton is not fit to run for the American presidency. Why, you may have asked before reading on?

Was it her heart that was skipping a few beats, or she had suffered a stroke? No nothing like this.

The reason was quite simply due to the fact that apparently a female CEO in Texas wanted her 10 minutes of fame by saying a woman "shouldn't be president" because of "different hormones" and "biblical sound reasoning."

Now a quick Google search has me finding the Hillary Clinton was born in 1947 making her 68 years old this year. Hillary has reached the point in her life where she should be considered a wise sage. A very busy wise sage and a woman to be revered I might add.

Many cultures celebrate ageing and have great respect for their elders so why is it in the Western culture that this respect is so hard to come by. Being a women should be no different from that of a man once they reach this status. Both have so much to offer in our society.

Their children are (usually) raised, they have experienced life and learnt from the many struggles and hurdles that have come their way.

Why do we allow people to define us by our hormones? Or do we?

If someone like Hillary Clinton, with such high regard, can come under threat because of her "female hormones" what hope is there for the average woman?

I was having a coffee with an old friend yesterday and we were discussing our own hormonal experiences. Lizzy and I are both 50 and we both are mothers to two boys. We were commenting on how difficult it can be sometimes living in a male dominated household. Lizzy then shared with me one big problem she was having with her sons and this resonated with me and may resonate with you.

Lizzy found that whenever she would be strict with her children at times when they would not help her in the home with duties such as clean your room, help out with the dishes etc they would turn things around and blame her "nagging" on her hormones. They would tease her that due to the menopause she was not able to do these jobs and was making them do the chores.

Being menopausal had nothing to do with this situation.

Reality was simply that Lizzy acknowledged that her sons were old enough to help out in the home and that her role as the "cleaning lady" was no longer an option. Her children did not like this and were making Lizzy feel inadequate by their taunts.

For many women, in the workplace or in the home, we are made to feel inadequate or not in control due to the fact of our hormones.

Women, as well as men, have good days and bad days. I am yet to find someone who is the same every single time I meet them. Some men can be quite one day, chatty the next. Some women can be bubbly one day, but tired and exhausted the next.

There are many factors at play that makes us the way we are from one day to the next. I know that when my children were young I would be tired many days at work which had nothing to do with my hormones but more to do with the fact that one child was not sleeping and had either my husband or myself up most of the night.

If Hillary was to be president, being male or female has nothing to do with her ability to perform. She will make mistakes, all presidents do. She will kick some goals, miss some passes but she will soldier on as any human in her position will.

Should she become president, her ability to stand up to the rigours of the job should not be based on her sex. She has proven herself so far and I can see this formidable lady not losing any sleep from comments a CEO from Texas felt compelled to share.

Do you have a formidable story to share? What are your thoughts on this? I would love to hear if you have any stories you would like to share or perhaps a question you would like to ask.

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