Hillary Clinton To Stump For Andrew Gillum In Florida Governor’s Race

The Tallahassee mayor confirmed that Clinton would be joining him for an event in South Florida next month.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is set to campaign alongside Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in October.

The Democratic Tallahassee mayor confirmed reports that Clinton would be joining him at a South Florida campaign event on Oct. 23 in a press release Thursday. Gillum endorsed the 2016 Democratic presidential nominee during her campaign and spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention on her behalf.

“I’m honored to have Secretary Clinton join me in Florida next month,” Gillum said in a statement. “Hillary knows just what’s at stake in this election ― affordable healthcare, a brighter future for our children ― and that the choice in this election could not be clearer.”

A source told The Hill, which first reported the news, that Clinton is “trying to be helpful in any way she can.”

Clinton is also scheduled to visit New Jersey on Oct. 15 to campaign on behalf of Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) in his re-election bid.

Gillum secured the Democratic nomination for governor in August, in what was considered a major primary upset. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was one of Gillum’s earliest supporters and rallied on his behalf in Orlando before the state primary. The progressive has since secured the support of high-profile donors and endorsements.

If Gillum wins, he would become Florida’s first black governor. He has maintained a narrow lead in the polls against his Republican opponent, former Rep. Ron DeSantis, who recently resigned from Congress. DeSantis has been endorsed by President Donald Trump and shares many of the president’s views on key issues such as immigration.

Clarification: Language has been added to reflect that DeSantis resigned and is not currently serving in Congress.

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