Hillary Clinton Showed Up To Watch 'Hello, Dolly!' And Bette Midler Couldn't Cope

"It made us all unbelievably happy to see her..."

Hillary Clinton received a rapturous reception when she showed up to watch Broadway musical “Hello, Dolly!” in New York City on Thursday.

Audience members at Manhattan’s Shubert Theatre “stood, clapped and chanted” the former secretary of state’s name “until the lights went down,” the show’s star, actress and singer-songwriter Bette Midler revealed on Twitter.

Midler was also pretty excited, describing Clinton’s visit as “a thrill” that “made us all unbelievably happy.”

Clinton later met with the show’s cast and ended up giving them a backstage pep talk about registering to vote.

“Tell your friends to tell their families and friends in every state to register,” said Clinton, per an Instagram post from Midler. “And make sure they have not been purged from the rolls before they get there to cast their ballot.”

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Multiple members of the public have shared footage of Clinton receiving the standing ovation upon entering the auditorium:

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Clinton tweeted her thanks to the cast and crew “for a joyful night.”

It was in stark contrast to the treatment Vice President Mike Pence received on attending “Hamilton” in 2016, when he was “booed like crazy.”

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