Hillary Clinton Explains Why Bill Clinton Would Be An Asset In The White House

"He's a great host, so any event I could count on him to make people feel comfortable."

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Thursday she would welcome former President Bill Clinton in the situation room under some circumstances.

During an appearance on NBC's "Late Night," host Seth Meyers asked the former secretary of state how difficult it would be to keep the former president out of the situation room. Clinton also said if she were president she would ask the former president for advice on the economy and world affairs.

"Well maybe there will be occasions when I don't want to," Clinton said, noting that her husband had been asked to do work by President Barack Obama and other former presidents. "There's a lot you can learn and there are all kind of special missions."

After an earthquake in Haiti in 2010, for example, Bill Clinton partnered with former president George W. Bush to lead a fundraising effort for victims. The 42nd president also traveled to North Korea in 2009 to negotiate the release of two American journalists who were being held there.

Clinton told Meyers that her husband's hospitality skills were another reason he would be a great asset in the White House. She has also joked about picking him as her vice president -- a position he could not constitutionally serve in.

 "He's a great host, so any event I could count on him to make people feel comfortable, welcome in the White House," she said. "He loves giving tours so he'll probably want to do a lot of that. Go down, public tours, 'hey let me show what you think is neat about the White House.'" Clinton went on to add that she didn't think picking out floral arrangements for the White House would be her husband's strong suit.

 "He is kind of vegan-ish," she said, adding that it would give him a useful insight on what to serve vegans who came to the White House.

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