Hillary Clinton Comes Face To Face With The 'Borat' Conspiracy Theorists

“Hello Jim and Jerry,” the former secretary of state says to the pair who peddled conspiracies about her in “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" in a new spinoff show.

Hillary Clinton is guest-starring in an upcoming “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” spinoff.

In a trailer released by Amazon Prime Video on Friday, the former secretary of state appears to come face to face with the two conspiracy theorists whom actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s alter ego Borat Sagdiyev holed up with during the initial coronavirus lockdown.

“Hello Jim and Jerry,” Clinton says to the pair via video in the teaser for “Debunking Borat” that’s slated for release Tuesday.

The duo repeated conspiracy theories about the Clintons in the film.

“In six documentary shorts, watch Borat’s two roommates have their theories debunked by some of the world’s leading experts,” reads Amazon’s promotional information.

Other theories to be tackled involve microchips in vaccines, mail-in ballot scams and Bill Gates.

Watch the trailer here:

“Borat’s American Lockdown” will be released on the same day as a 40-minute film containing previously unseen footage of Borat’s five days with the pair.

The extended “Borat Supplemental Reportings Retrieved From Floor of Stable Containing Editing Machine,” meanwhile, will include deleted scenes from the film.

Watch the trailer here:

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