Hillary Clinton's Old Campaign Twitter Springs Back To Life To Troll Trump

It was the first message from @TheBriefing2016 since Nov. 7.

A Twitter account used last year by the Hillary Clinton campaign sent out its first tweet in more than seven months on Thursday.

The message? A meme fired off in response to President Donald Trump’s renewed attacks on Clinton.

As reports of growing investigations around Trump continue to emerge, the president took to Twitter to attack his 2016 campaign opponent.

The Briefing fired back with a timeless meme:

It’s not clear who’s operating the account. But it still has nearly 75,000 followers, and at least some of them were happy with the new activity:

Prior to Thursday’s meme, The Briefing’s last tweet had been on Nov. 7, one day before Trump’s surprise election win.

(h/t The Hill)

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