Hillary Clinton Closes Campaign With Grace And A Winning Smile

This is the story that should have come true...

The negative opposition Secretary Clinton faced for the past two years was not evident in her final events prior to tomorrows election. Instead she was more radiant than ever and exuded confidence to her supporters with her positive outlook for our future. The future of America is assured with Hillary as President because she will be a hard working President from day one with both eyes wide open focused on her vision to make life in America Safer and Better for All. Hillary knows America’s Ills and its Strengths resulting from her lifetime in government as a true Representative of the People. She has been a fighter for America her entire political life.

America is going to be electing a true Champion tomorrow as its 45th President. Yes, the majority of citizens will come to the correct decision in the voting booth by choosing Hillary Clinton because , after all that has been said and done, there will be no doubt She is the right choice for America. She will continue the prosperous path Obama has led while making the needed changes to Programs such as Health Care and hopefully election reforms.

Never again should the FBI or any other government or Law Enforcement agency be allowed to purposefully interfere with a Presidential Election without severe criminal penalties. The opposition Secretary Clinton faced included opposition from FBI operatives in favor of the opposing candidate who used their Office in an attempt to alter the Presidential Election. It’s now becoming clear –the question that only remains is to what extent was the damage to Hillary Clinton caused by the FBI Operatives. For two years the FBI, totally in opposition to entrenched FBI Protocol, held an open investigation against a Presidential Candidate that, without question, made the candidate, Hillary Clinton, appear as a Criminal. The FBI through its slow and purposeful leak of emails that, albeit, showed no wrong doing, perhaps inadvertently, allowed the voting public to view the emails as signs of criminal activity that was continually promoted by Trump’s incendiary remarks.

The FBI continued with the drip, drip, drip of meaningless emails that only became more fodder for the Republicans to use against Hillary as the emails kept coming —giving validity to Trump’s outrageous calls to “lock her up”. The FBI is viewed by the general public as neutral, unbiased, and fair in its investigations –and that’s why the damage was so great. The damage nearly amounted to electing an Imbecile to lead our country into disaster. Why did the FBI take this unusual route to an investigation with the Director himself taking center stage, while taking steps in total conflict with his superiors in the Attorney General’s office –including the Attorney General?

Why did the Republican Director Comey call Secretary Clinton’s use of former President Clinton’s Sever, “reckless”. A Server built for a former President of The United States, built to be hack-resistant and proven to be so, –because it had never been hacked. And why didn’t the Director clearly say it had never been hacked instead of the purposefully nebulous statement, “there is no evidence of it being hacked or that it has never been hacked”? Again, a statement fed to the opposition and used effectively to brand Hilary as “reckless” when she was, in fact, according to the best evidence Comey had —as not being “reckless”.

Still, Hillary Clinton’s true integrity kept coming through, and not for a second was she ever concerned about Giuliani’s cronies at the FBI finding anything of a criminal nature because she knew there was nothing to be found no matter where the FBI looked in its attempt to discredit Her. The fire that Hillary has endured during this election has tempered our Iron Lady into a woman of Steel, and that’s why she prevailed and made us all proud of her, and now we are all looking forward to the day when we can officially address her as –Madame President

This is the article that should have been. Secretary Clinton, one of the finest public servants this country has ever had, a true champion of American values, lost out to a much less worthy of an opponent. America also lost. Hillary Clinton would have been a President of compassion and tolerance . America elected the exact opposite of Hillary in electing Trump. Hillary Clinton was the People’s choice winning with more than Sixty two million votes beating Trump by more than Two million votes, but lost to Trump to Electoral College Votes. Let us all hope that the Policies do not bring the expected harm to our country and to our Values. The American Spirit, however, is resilient as well as vigilant, and will make sure all is not lost with the Trump Presidency.